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We are empanelled for conducting skill development training activities under

Digital marketing course providing institute under kerala knowlede ecnomy mission by government of kerala.
Digital marketing course in calicut,Kochi,kerala
Digital marketing course in Kerala
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Transforming marketing aspirants into achievers

CDA Academy, a pioneering digital marketing institute in Kerala, has forged a strategic partnership with IIDE, Asia’s premier institute for digital marketing training. By combining expertise, resources, and innovative approaches, this alliance endeavors to raise the standards of digital marketing education, empower professionals, and drive meaningful change in the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing in 2024. Together, CDA Academy and IIDE aim to cultivate a new generation of proficient digital marketers equipped to revolutionize the digital marketing industry. With our curriculum tailor-made by industry experts and hands-on training modules we ensure that every student emerges as a proficient digital marketer equipped to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Kickstart your career with CDA Academy the first and largest agency based digital marketing academy in Kerala.

digital marketing course in Calicut,Kerala


Learn not just how to create, but how to sell what you create with designing courses.

●   Industry Experts
●   Practical Learning
●   Regular Class Timings

Creator Course
CDA offers digital marketing course in Calicut ,Kochi with placement assistance


Kerala’s first academy for agency-based 3-month regular digital marketing course training.

●   Expert Faculties
●   International Certifications
●   100% Placement Assistance

digital marketing course in Calicut, Kerala with placement assistance


Crack your dream career with our placement opportunity and pave the way to success. 

100% Placement Assistance
Best digital marketing course providing institute in Calicut

Creating Digital Aspirants

Digital marketing course at CDA breaks all traditional concepts of what an academy is, giving a real insight into the digital world. Learning your career lessons from an expert is the best way to excel, and we provide hands-on digital marketing training to students, empowering their dreams. Our vision is to groom a future generation that will be ready to rule digital platforms with their expert and creative skill.

Digital marketing course in Calicut
digital marketing course in Calicut
journey of success after completing digital marketing course in Calicut from calicut digital academy

Happy Stories

Digital Marketing Course Experiences

Muhammad Shihab
Muhammad Shihab
CDA, really Creating Digital Aspirants. An institution with young talented trainers, which inspire each individual to grow further in the digital marketing field. Fortunately, Quad Cubes provides a better work ambience too.
Ayisha Jasna
Ayisha Jasna
I have to say it was a fantastic experience. The CDA Academy's course materials and curriculum were highly informative and current. The program gave me a strong foundation in digital marketing and gave me transferable abilities that are highly valued in the field. I'm appreciative that CDA Academy gave me such a top-notch education in digital marketing.
hashim k
hashim k
I recently completed my digital marketing course at CDA Academy Calicut. And it was a wonderful experience for me. CDA helps me to know more about Digital Marketing. I haven’t an idea about this till joining in CDA. Now I can Assure that I’m a Digital Marketer. The academy is very interesting and cool. The important factor of CDA is the team members and the wonderful ambience. And most of all I had a wonderful fam.. Thanks to CDA..
It was wonderful experience being with QCDA since last three month. I could improve my skills in digital marketing and hopefully nourish my career in this field.
suhana sherin
suhana sherin
I recently completed my digital marketing course at CDA. This helped me a lot to choose my career. And i had a wonderful ,memorable experience with CDA and my friends. The ambiance and training was so good. I strongly recommend to those who are interested in the field of digital marketing.♥️
Mohammed Faisal .k
Mohammed Faisal .k
nice training and more outstanding experience from CDA
Fasina V
Fasina V
I have joined in CDA with a lot of confusions and doubts. But the overall experience is life changing. After completing the course I am a lot more confident in myself. Enjoyed every moment with my batch mates and trainers. Definitely worth it😊👍
Chippees Corner
Chippees Corner
Correct destination i choose for starting my digital marketing journey. Well structured syllabus and coaching, got the chance to work with live client projects and this was very helpful for me.
Vyshnav R Malayil
Vyshnav R Malayil
I enrolled at CDA for 3 months digital marketing course, it was an outstanding experience, the course is well structured & informative and experienced faculty members who have expertise in the field of digital marketing , it was a great learning experience for me at CDA.


  • Learn from agency experts
  • 20+ modules & 30+ tools
  • International certifications
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Live online sessions
  • International certificates
  • Lifetime Placement Assistance
  • Exclusive seats only
  • Build an expert team
  • Practice with case studies
  • Reach your business goals
  • Lifetime agency guidance 


Get certified with international certifications which are valuable around the globe. By earning these certifications you can increase the credibility of your digital marketing skill.


Results speak for themselves!

Review from digital marketing course student in CDA Calicut

Muhsin PT

“I really enjoyed learning from CDA Academy, It was a wonderful experience. The 3-month Digital Marketing course really helped me to meet my vision and create a new skill. I have learned so much in these three months. With the Digital Marketing Course, CDA also provides personality development sections which were very much helpful for me as a professional. The teaching techniques and skills of the trainers are very much admirable.
In short, CDA made me the proud Digital Marketer I am now. Thank you CDA and Thank you, Trainers, for gifting me the most wonderful and life-changing 3 months.”

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Review by students after completing digital marketing course in Calicut CDA


“I highly recommend CDA to anyone interested in building a career in the Digital Marketing field. The course materials are comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics, from search engine optimization and social media marketing to email marketing and content strategy they teach us all! The instructors are experienced professionals who are knowledgeable, engaging and always available to answer questions and provide support. I enjoyed learning here. Thank you to the whole team of CDA for this amazing experience.”

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Mohammed Naseef

“I will say without a second thought, CDA is the best choice for developing a new skill in DIGITAL MARKETING. These people are literally “CREATING DIGITAL ASPIRANTS”. So, If you are looking for a whole package for molding your digital marketing career, go for CDA. I felt very welcomed and comfortable there. And speaking of academics, CDA covers a wide area of Digital Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web designing, and the list goes on and on. The trainers are all Qualified & inspirable. I can proudly say I have completed my Digital Marketing Course from CDA!”

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Review by digital marketing course student in Calicut CDA


“I recently completed a diploma in multimedia and was looking for a course to build on my skills. I discovered digital marketing and began searching for the best institutes to study it. I was fortunate enough to find Calicut Digital Academy (CDA). CDA stands out among other institutes because it offers full-day classes, opportunity to work with an agency and excellent campus life. The trainers at CDA are always available to help and the premium atmosphere makes the experience even better. I can confidently say that you will not leave CDA without learning something valuable. I am grateful for the opportunity to study at CDA and will never forget my 3 months there.”

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“I have always wanted to try my career in Digital Marketing. So I searched google, insta, and FB thoroughly to find the right place to kick start my career. That’s how I found Calicut Digital Academy. And it was all worth it. The overwhelming support and guidance from the trainers are what I liked the most about them. The academic atmosphere and the exposure we get after this digital marketing course are so high. Involvement in live projects helped me understand the topics easily. So that, I would recommend CDA for all digital marketing aspirants out there.”

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“CDA Academy gave me the opportunity to learn what digital marketing is and the role of digital marketing behind every successful business. I think the experience and the exposure to do the live projects have given me a different perspective about digital marketing and what I really want to do. Proper training is always helpful to gain new knowledge. Thanks a lot, Calicut Digital Academy for helping me out and giving me direction in my career.”

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“I chose this course by realizing the scopes this field has in the future. But finding the best academy to learn digital marketing wasn’t tough, since you can see Calicut digital academy in the top ranking list anywhere. The classes at CDA were great. They trained us well and the trainers are friendly. They prepare us pretty well and take care of us individually to get placed sooner. I must say that the quality of placement at Calicut digital academy is excellent when compared to others and if you are talented you surely will get a great package.”

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“I had a great experience when learning Digital Marketing course with CDA Academy. All the trainers in Calicut digital academy are experienced in this field, and they provide the best classes in digital marketing topics. The teachers are good and never hesitate to answer your doubts. They are very professional & friendly. Calicut Digital Academy is one of the best institutes to learn Digital Marketing in Kerala. I can recommend Calicut digital academy to anyone for Digital Marketing courses with confidence.”

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“After my internship, I got hired by a Creative Advertising firm. Now I realize how valuable every piece of information I received from CDA was. So, anything you acquire from CDA will benefit you in a variety of ways. Build a solid foundation of digital marketing and then concentrate on your area of interest. CDA is the best platform for you to build the foundation. All the best to everyone who wishes to explore a career in digital marketing.”

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“Topic-wise specialized faculties and teaching facilities are the specialities of digital marketing courses in CDA Academy. Since this digital marketing institute in Calicut provides a good learning ambience with quality guidance, I would recommend everyone to Calicut digital academy. In this digital marketing course training centre, you will learn everything practically. The live projects that we practice will help you to be experts. Client handling is another thing that will help you to enhance your skills. Moreover, you’ll have a fun time in CDA for sure.”

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“After completing my graduation, I decided to reroute my career to a creative and innovative field… That’s why I choose the digital marketing course… When I searched for the best digital marketing institute in Kerala, I found “CDA Academy”… I found something unique about them… Here we can study with practical sessions … Each trainer considers us as team members…They are available every time to help us. Thank you team CDA & Quadcubes”

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“Owing to my passion for digital, in 2020, I started research according to my degree and started my digital marketing strategist career. I have had the good fortune to share my career in digital marketing. I selected Calicut Digital Academy to start my career. They help to transform the skill of digital professionals globally, to continuously evolve the curriculum according to changing dynamics and requirements of the industry. They bring out the best in us.”

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“After the completion of my B.Tech, I was very much afraid to begin my career in it. So I decided to learn something which made me interested. I found that digital marketing was my interest in the study. Calicut Digital Academy is not just a usual institution, it is an agency based academy. So I got the advantage of learning and practising many more things. Thank you Calicut Digital Academy for giving me the opportunity to build a better career.”

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“First of all thanks a lot for the opportunity provided by team CDA Academy. It is a new platform for me to acquire knowledge and experience. They have always given me new things and learning and made me involved in works where I had the chance to be a part of big campaigns. It is my honor to be a part of Calicut Digital Academy, and I had a fantastic experience. Thank you for every piece of knowledge which I gained from Calicut Digital Academy.”

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“Becoming a digital marketing strategist was my dream career. I wanted to work independently rather than joining a company, so I wanted to get the best training and certificates were my secondary priority. In CDA, I got the chance to really work and learn with digital marketing professionals. I got live projects to work on and training to deal with clients. If you want to start working as a digital marketing professional, I suggest CDA, the best place for you.”

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“ CDA  Academy is the best place for a digital marketing course in Kerala and to gain knowledge about the same. They helped me to become a digital marketing expert. Providing limited seats in a batch is the reason why I chose CDA. Also, they help to participate in live projects and training to deal with clients. As a fresher in digital marketing, it was helpful for me. I recommended Calicut Digital Academy because they give wings to your dream.”

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Regular updates on everything that’s happening in the digital marketing field, with articles that scale your knowledge.


A look into the lives that have been changed, nurtured, and empowered through CDA digital marketing course.


How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course Calicut?


1. Practical Approach to Learning

When selecting the ideal digital marketing institute, it is crucial to prioritize the teaching approach. A good digital marketing course should consist of 90% practical lessons and 10% theory-based learning. Opting for an institute that provides hands-on training is essential. Practical lessons enable you to grasp a better understanding of the digital marketing landscape. The more real-life projects you undertake, the more you learn. At CDA Digital Marketing Academy in Calicut, Kerala we adopt an agency-based training mode to help you become a proficient and adaptable digital marketer.

2. Experienced Faculty

In addition to practical lessons, having experienced faculty is also crucial when selecting an institute for digital marketing. If the team consists of industrial experts with a proven track record of success and a vast understanding of the field and digital landscape, it’s definitely worth pursuing. By joining CDA Digital Marketing course in Calicut, Kerala you’ll have the opportunity to work with mentors who have partnered with well-respected companies and achieved wonderful results. Our experienced faculty will help you achieve your goals and become a successful digital marketer.

3. certified digital marketing course in calicut

Why would you choose a top digital marketing institute that won’t provide enough certification? After all, people invest in the best digital marketing training institutes for two reasons: to gain skills and to obtain a certificate of completion to add to their resume. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the institute you choose offers career-relevant certificates. At CDA Digital Marketing Institute in Calicut, Kerala we provide authentic certification of Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission and STED council along with international certificates like digital marketing fundamentals by Google. These certificate allows you to explore and operate in the ever-evolving digital landscape, all while becoming an award-winning digital marketer.

4.  digital marketing course with Internship 

Jobs and internships would be a key concern if you are looking for a career in digital marketing. To that end, it is better to find a digital marketing course that provides an internship. At CDA Digital Marketing Academy in Calicut, Kerala we offer opportunities to collaborate on projects during the course period, providing you with practical knowledge. Additionally, we provide our students with the opportunity to do an internship with us marketing course with placement

  We offer placement 100% placement assistance after successfully completing the course to help you kickstart your career as a digital marketer.

6. Reviews

When considering top digital marketing institutes, reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the quality of their courses, faculty, alumni experiences, and more. It is important to take the time to read reviews and gather information before making a decision. At CDA Digital Marketing Academy in Calicut,Kerala we are proud to have a strong reputation among our students and alumni. Their positive reviews are a testament to our prominence in the digital marketing landscape.

7. Up to date Course Modules

Having a clear understanding of the modules offered by a digital marketing academy is essential for making an informed decision about your education and career path. It ensures that you’re equipped with the right knowledge and skills to succeed in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. CDA Digital Marketing Institute in Calicut,Kerala offers a wide range of courses that cover a comprehensive curriculum with industry-relevant modules. We are constantly striving to improve and provide the best possible education and practical experience to our students.