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digital marketing institute reviews of ambassador muhsin


ABC Group

After the completion of a 3 month digital marketing course, I was placed in Social Streams at Calicut. Continued working for 2 months and as the second wave of pandemic hit moved from there and went back to native place Kannur. Kannur gave me the opportunity to become the part ABC group, pioneer dealers in tiles and sanitary wares. Started my career there as a digital marketing strategist and now I am the team lead of the creative team and handling more than 10+ clients.

Starting my career as a graphic designer, at a certain point I understood the requirements of digital marketing and completed a  three month digital marketing course. Handled some work as a freelancer  and made myself ready to become an entrepreneur. CDA gave that platform where I got to understand how to handle clients,how to manage time, and how to be industry experts. This knowledge made me realise that I can be an entrepreneur. Now  I am a digital marketer and entrepreneur and settling a new trend.

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digital marketing course testimonials of ambassador mishal




I’m Mishal and I’m from Kozhikode.

Talking about my experience with CDA, the best I can describe it is by depicting my life before and after CDA. Because it more like represents two totally different phases of my life. In CDA, from the very beginning, it was like I had taken the next step, like I had moved onto the next level or crossed a barrier. I could feel such a huge difference from the first day at CDA itself. If I recall my life before CDA, both from my academic and life’s point of view, it was extremely different. Considering my whole 17 years of academic life, I would say it was pretty much boring compared to CDA life. All the typical classes, exams, lectures, hanging out with friends, and that’s it! Pretty lame for me. And if I talk from my life’s point of view, I was a huge introverted guy to be put first. I found things like talking to others, taking initiative in friend circles, mingling with others, and even hanging out with friends, really difficult. Social interactions weren’t really my thing. So, I was very much concerned before coming here as I knew there would be students from different backgrounds and of different ages. I also didn’t have any idea about how an academy campus works. I wondered about the trainers, syllabus, their way of teaching, and all. I was clueless as much I was concerned. But ever since I started my classes, my concerns were answered. Judging all the concerns I had, I was truly mind-blown.

Speaking of the trainers, Harty mam, Nidhasha mam, Hudaif sir, Shabna mam, Niranjana, and even all the people in the agency were really amazing. They were like one among us and it helped us to understand and practice really well. Now, if I talk about friends, like I already said that I was an introverted guy and I always found it hard to mingle. But the atmosphere and space CDA friends provided were a lot different. It was easy to mingle and understand them. Even though there were elder ones among them, I never even felt the age gaps between us. The way they responded and the way they accepted me helped me to blend well with the group. I wasn’t shy anymore and I started to be active and take initiative. I got really confident because of the friendly atmosphere set by my friends, trainers, and the agency people out there. So, my life since CDA has been exceptional.

I always give a positive review about CDA whenever I suggest Digital Marketing to my friends or relatives. I guarantee them the 3 months time at CDA are going to worth way more than they think.

As I was saying life before and after CDA is two different stages of my life. After CDA I have progressed and witnessed a change in myself. And to end with, the 3 months at CDA are absolutely worth experiencing